Problem Statement


Information Technology Services organizations, as well as those in Information Technology enabled Services offerings have a pertinent crisis because of the way they manage their IT projects.


IT projects/ programs with major cost and timeline overrun leads to erosion in mid and end customer experience as well as severe disenchantment in IT professionals (leading to the 'value in IT' becoming a casualty).


IT Application Lifecycle Management products as well as standards (PMI, PRINCE2, etc.) around different IT functions such as, development (low code/no-code, SaaS, etc.), testing (qa-qc-qe), deployment (devops), etc. aim to solve this problem, including methodologies, such as Agile, DevSecOps, etc.

As per global Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) market size is projected to grow from USD 3.1 billion in 2019 to USD 4.5 billion by 2024, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.1% from 2019 to 2024.


  • To enable IT Services (ITS) as well as IT enabled Services (ITeS) organizations in estimating and delivering IT programs and projects in QICO mode (Quality, of delivery, is Improved and Cost is Optimized).
  • To create an ecosystem (including product and market-place) for the IT programs and projects to be managed effectively, across IT standards, functions and methodologies.


Are we solving the problems ITS/ ITeS organizations face today?

Features Our Solutions
Whom are you selling to? Information Technology Services Organisations (such as Capgemini, Accenture etc.)Information Technology enabled Services Organisations (such as DBS, SingTel etc.)
What problems do your customers face? Cost and Timeline overrun, Standard and Methodologies Alignment, Person dependency, Lack of foresight from estimation to delivery.
How will you do things differently? Provide foresight from estimation to delivery through AI/ML, in-built standards and methodologies mapped to the evolving needs of the organization, eliminate person dependency.
What are the must-have features you can't skip? Must Have- Role based access, Standards and Methodologies alignment, Software lifecycle mapping, Reporting.
Could Have- Skill Mapping Would Have- Work breakdown structure, Document Control
Won't Have- AI powered estimation to delivery foresight
How will the UI/UX of the product look? Usability- Efficiency, Memorability, Subjective Satisfaction, errors and learnability
Findability- Global search, Customized Search
Discoverability- UI and UX guiding the user to discoverability.
Issues Solution proposed addresses the issue? Remarks
Skills and person dependency in managing IT projects Directly Skills (based roles) such as Scrum Master, Product Owner, Engagement Manager, etc. would be redundant. Project lifecycle management would be person redundant and guided by the tool at each step of project execution.
Inability to estimate through a tool which will allow estimation to dictate & manage the delivery Directly Project estimations for native application development or SaaS customization restricts to resource and timeline view. It needs to take control of delivery to ensure cost & timeline adherence.
Lack of analytical data for problem solving Directly Scope of Work (SoW) through Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) would guide the estimation for resource & timeline across the project lifecycle in an E2D (Estimation to Delivery) mode. Our solution will have an in-built foresight for problem-solving, which will mitigate the oversight of existing ALM tools.
Lack of innovative application of standards & methodologies Directly Existing ALM tools use and overwrite standards & methodologies creating conflicts for implementation, such as JIRA, QC/ALM, etc.
Inability to react swiftly to crisis Directly The solution proposed would enable crisis management by the e-intelligent feature experience
Lack of talent and manpower Directly The solution would not require any major additional skill addition and would also allow the right-sizing of the available talent and manpower

SCR Infotech

SCR intends to be world's #1 IT ALM ( Information Technology Lifecycle Management ) product. We would help our customers manage their IT projects better across estimation, ideation, design, develop, test & deploy across PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) for native and SaaS project implementation across IT functions, standards and methodologies.


SCR ALM works on the "Adapt to Innovate" (A2I) mode where the tool adapts to the project needs and enables innovation. "Industry Leading", "One-of-its-kind" and "E-Intelligent" (IL-EI) test efficiency technique. It works in a "P3" driven mode (People-Process-Product) of the existing project, where the existing project drives the implementation of the tool rather than the tool forcing the project.

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